Architectural Profiles



Reel Light is a lighting profile for the interiors. It provides soft, even, but intensive
light across both the wall and the ceiling. The profile comes in three different shapes / models,
and can be successfully used in any decoration style. The light is adjustable and can be remotely
increased / decreased, changes color and transitions between warm white / cold white,
by simply using a remote control or a mobile phone application.


Reel Light uses LED as a light source. LEDs consume much less energy than any
other lighting source and can last for more than ten years.
Reel Light replaces gypsum coves and mouldings, giving a simple and economic
Maintenance is easy. Profiles can be repainted together with the walls or the ceiling,
without being dismounted.


Reel Light profiles are made of high density polymer which is rigid but light weight.
Smooth gypsum coating is protecting profiles from the UV rays and from the physical impact.
It is true and authentic, and it benefits the environment.